There are several advanced features and configuration options that can be changed for each person. When viewing a person’s configuration, click the Advanced Settings link to make these options visible. The advanced settings are described below.

Voicemail -- Enables and disables voicemail for this person. Without voicemail, a person cannot receive messages if they are unable to answer the phone.  

Caller ID Name field -- Caller ID Name to send when making outgoing calls.  

Caller ID Number field -- Caller ID Number to send when making outgoing calls. The ability to dynamically set caller ID information must be supported by your phone service provider for this to work correctly. Many VoIP providers require that this value be set to your company’s assigned telephone number. 

Ring Duration field -- Amount of time to ring this person’s phone before giving up and either reporting a failure to the caller or passing the call to voicemail or another team member.

Out of office, only ring Alternate -- When checked, temporarily override call forwarding and ring sequence functionality to unconditionally forward all incoming calls to this person’s alternate phone number. When unchecked, the alternate number will be rung according to the configuration of the Ring My Alternate Number options.  

Ring My Alternate Number -- When to ring this person’s alternate phone. People who are generally out of the office, such as sales people, will often want their alternate phone number to ring before their office phone. People who are generally at their desks will often only want their alternate phone number to ring after their office phone has be rung. Setting the option to Never will not ring the alternate number at all.  

Is Administrator -- Whether this person can administer the phone system. Only trusted individuals should be granted Administrator status. 

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