A phone service can be configured to direct inbound calls to any person, team, or app that is configured on your Ryng Phone System. By default, all phone services are configured to direct any inbound call that they receive to the built-in auto attendant app. To change incoming call settings, navigate to the Phone Services tab. From the default screen that is displayed when you click on the Phone Servicestab, click on the phone number/SIP username/SIP password link (under the Service column) next to the phone service you wish to change. Scroll to the bottom of the screen to locate the Incoming calls for... section. 

By default, all calls that are sent by your provider to your Ryng Phone System are directed to the built-in auto attendant. This can be changed by selecting a new person, team, or app from the Send To dropdown. You must click the orange Save button and then publish your changes before the new incoming call settings will take effect. 

Multiple Phone Numbers on a Single Phone Service

In some cases, your provider may supply you with multiple phone numbers (or DIDs) on the same phone service. This means that an incoming call on one phone service may actually be the result of a caller dialing one of many different phone numbers. For example, you may have a phone number that is dedicated to technical support for your company, as well as a main contact number. If you purchase both numbers from the same phone service provider, the provider may supply you with a single service to make and receive calls through both phone numbers. 

The default incoming call settings will direct any received call to the selected destination, no matter which phone number it comes in through. In some cases, you may wish to direct different phone numbers to different people, teams, or apps. In order to do this, click the Add Another link below the Send To dropdown. 

It is only necessary to create multiple incoming call settings if your provider is supplying you with multiple phone numbers on the same phone service. If your provider has supplied one phone service account per phone number, you only need to add each account as its own phone service, and set the Send To destination for each service individually.  

A new set of fields will appear that allow you to enter a specific phone number, and select which person, team or app to direct calls received on that number to. The number that you enter in the Phone Number field must exactly match the format that your provider sends (for example, a provider might send “4165551234” or “+14165551234” as the phone number that the call was received to). Check with your provider to determine the format that they send the dialed number in.

Any number of incoming call settings can be specified. If you have many phone numbers assigned to a single phone service, you may add an incoming call configuration for each number on that service. 

The configuration for the phone number of Any Other will always be present. If an inbound call is received to a phone number that is not specifically configured with incoming call settings, the call will reach the destination specified in the Send To field for the Any Other phone number. 

Once all incoming call settings have been configured, click the orange Save button and then publish your changes to make the changes take effect. 


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