Your Ryng Phone System allows you to configure which types of calls to send over which phone services. This can be useful to reduce costs. If you have multiple phone services that offer different rates for outbound calls to different areas, the appliance can be configured to send calls over the least expensive phone services first. To configure the order in which phone services are used for outbound calls, follow the instructions below. 

  1. Click the Phone Services tab to show the default Phone Services tab view.
  2. Click the Calling Out tab underneath the Phone Services tab. 
  3. Click the name of the outbound route that you would like to change the order in which phone services are selected. There are 4 outbound routes to choose from:

    -- International (Dial: 011): Any number rotate begins with "011" will utilize this route.
    -- National (Dial: 1): Any 11 digit number that begins with "1" will utilize this route.
    -- Emergency (Dial: 911): Any call to "911" will utilize this route.
    -- Local: Any 10 digit number will utilize this route.
  4. The current order of phone services that this route uses is listed. Phone services with a lower priority number will be tried first. Higher numbered services will be tried only if the lower numbered services are at capacity, or unavailable. To change the order, click and drag each phone service to the desired list location. 
  5.  Click the orange Save button. You will receive confirmation of your changes in the top right corner of the screen, and the updated ordering will be shown on the Calling Out tab.
  6. Changes are not active until they are published. See the Publish Tab article for more information on publishing changes.
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