The receptionist app allows you to direct inbound calls to a person or team. If the call is not answered, the receptionist app will direct the call to an alternate person, team, app, or voicemail. This is useful to ensure that all calls receive the best possible treatment. A common usage is to have the calls directed at a person or team, and then have calls answered by an auto attendant if a live person does not answer the call. 

Editing the Receptionist App

To edit the settings of the receptionist app, follow the instructions below.

  1. Click the Apps tab to show the default Apps tab view. 
  2. Click the extension link of the Receptionist to load the conference bridge editor. By default, the extension is 1020. 
  3. Edit any fields that you wish to change. All fields are described below.

    Extension field -- the shoe (2-6) series of digits used to reach this application. This extension can be dialed by anyone with an extension on your Ryng Phone System.
    First call dropdown -- The person or team that should be run when a call is first directed to the receptionist app.
    For field -- How the long the person or team from the First call dropdown should be rung before the call is directed to the person, team, app or voicemail selected in the Then call dropdown.
    Then call dropdown -- The person, team, or app that will be rung if the person or team specified in the First call dropdown does not answer the call within the number of seconds entered in the For field. If a person or team is selected in this dropdown, a checkbox will appear titled Don't ring timeout target, just send to voicemail. If you would like the call to go straight to voicemail after r the First call person/team is rung (without ringing the Then call person/team/app), select this checkbox.
    Save button -- Click the orange Save button to save any changes that have been made o the receptionist. Changes are not active until they are published. See the Publish Tab article for more information on publishing changes.
    Cancel link -- Discards any changes that have been made to the receptionist, and returns you to the default App tab screen without saving. You will not be prompted to confirm the cancellation.
  4. Click the orange Save button. You will receive confirmation of your changes in the top right corner of the screen.
  5. Changes are not active until they are published. See the Publish Tab artcile for more information on publishing changes.
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