From the default screen that is displayed when you click on the Teams tab, a new team can be added, or existing teams can be edited. To add a new team, or to edit an existing team, follow the instructions below.

  1. Click the Teams tab to load the default Teams tab view.
  2. To add a new team, click the orange Add Team button. To edit an existing team, click on that team’s extension. The team editor screen will be shown. 
  3. Fill in the Phone Extension and Name fields for the team. For more information on these settings, please see “Basic Teams Settings” document. 
  4. To add people to this team, click and drag the desired people from the Unselected column to the Selected column next to Users.

    By default, if a call is not answered by any team member it will be routed to the voicemail box for the first person in the Users list. Which person will receive the voicemail is signified by an envelope icon to the left of that person's name. If you would like to disable voicemail for a team entirely, please see "Advanced Teams Settings" document.
  5. If you wish to edit additional settings, click the Advanced Settings link and change any desired options. For more information on advanced settings, see “Advanced Teams Settings” document. 
  6. Click the orange Save button to save changes. You will be notified of a successful addition or edit in the top right corner of the screen. If this team is a new addition to your appliance, it will now be visible in the list of teams on the default Teamstab view. 
  7. To make your changes on the Teams tab active, please publish your changes. See the “Publish Tab”  document for information on how to publish changes. 
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