The Call History tab shows a list of all calls processed by your Ryng Phone System. Each section of this screen is described below.

Search From field -- Allows you to select the date of the earliest call you wish to see displayed. The Call History tab will show records for all calls made or received on or after the date you select. Click in this field to show a calendar that can be used to select the date. Call history is limited to 1 year.  

Search button -- Click the blue Search button to load the history of all calls made or received from your Ryng Phone System on or after the date specified in the Search From field.  

Displayed From section -- Shows the date that call history is currently being displayed back to.  

Call History section -- Lists all calls made or received by your Ryng Phone System on or after the date specified in the Displayed From section. The following data is shown for each call:

-- From: The source of the phone call. If someone at your company dialed out (outbound calls), that person’s extension will be shown here. If an external person called your company (inbound calls), the external person’s caller ID number will be shown.
-- To: The destination of the phone call. For outbound calls, the dialed number is shown. For inbound calls, the extension of the person that the external caller dialed is shown.
-- Start: The date and time that the call was initiated.
-- Duration: The length of the call in hours (h), minutes (m) and seconds (s).
-- Status: The result of the call. For example, an outbound call that just is answered by the called party will show “ANSWERED”.  

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