The Localisation tab allows you to configure the correct language and timezone for your Ryng Phone System. These settings are used to show the correct language, date, and time on physical desk phones, as well as for date and timestamps in the Call History section of the Phone Services tab. To change localisation settings, follow the instructions below. 

  1. Click the Phones tab to show the default Phone tab view.
  2. Click the Localisation tab underneath the Phones tab.
  3. Adjust the desired localisation setting. The available options on this screen are explained below.

    Language dropdown -- Specifies the language that will be used on any auto provisioned desk phones (for legacy on-premise customers only)

    Timezone dropdown -- Specified the timezone that the Ryng Phone System is located in. This timezone will be used to set the date and time on any desk phones (legacy customers) and to show the local time when viewing Call History.

    Save button -- Click the orange Save button to save any changes that have been made to your localization settings. Changes are not active until they are published.

    Cancel link -- Discards any changes that have been made to your localisation settings and reloads the Localisation Tab. You will not be prompted to confirm the cancellation.
  4. Click the orange Save button to save changes to your localisation settings. You will receive confirmation of your changes in the top right corner of the screen. 
  5. Be sure to click the orange Save button and then publish your changes if you change any settings on this page. See the Publish Tab document for information on how to publish changes. Changing either localisation setting may cause your desk phones to reboot during the publishing process. 
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