To publish any pending changes, follow the instructions below.

Publishing is a permanent action. All pending changes will be pushed to your Ryng Phone System when you proceed with the publishing process. This includes all newly added configurations, all deletions, and all changes. Once an addition, change, or deletion has been published, it cannot be reverted.  

  1. Click the Publish tab. This will show your current publishing status. 
  2. Click the Show # Unpublished Changes link to list all changes that are pending publication.
  3. Review the changes that are about to be published. Clicking on a listed change will take you to the editor page for the person, team, phone, phone service, or app that was changed. If you do not wish to publish the list of changes that are shown, you must discard your changes instead. See “Discard” document for more information on discarding changes.
  4. When you are ready to publish your changes, click the orange Publish Changes button. A progress bar will be displayed.
  5. Wait for publishing to complete. A success message will be displayed on-screen once the process is finished.
  6. Click the orange Finished button to return to the Overview tab.


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