If you have saved a change that you no longer wish to publish, you may discard changes instead of publishing them. To discard changes, follow the instructions below.

Discarding changes drops all pending changes from the Ryng Phone System. It is not possible to discard an individual change. If you have 20 changes pending, and you initiate the discard process, all 20 changes will be discarded.  

Discarding changes is an action that cannot be undone. If change is discarded, that same change will need to be manually recreated if you wish to publish it.  


  1. Click the Publish tab. This will show your current publishing status.
  2. Click the Show # Unpublished Changes link to list all changes that are pending publication.
  3. Review the listed changes carefully to ensure that they should be discarded, as this action cannot be undone.
  4. Click the Discard tab.
  5. Click the orange Discard Changes button. You will receive confirmation that changes were discarded in the top right corner of the screen.
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